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EURAXESS Regional Guide

I. Welcome
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IV. Practical Information

Emergency telephone numbers
, Public transport, Addresses of government offices, Health service, Banks, payments, Postal service, Internet cafes, Laundries and dry-cleaners, Selected supermarkets, Polish language courses for foreigners, Interesting websites


Welcome to our Region

We are pleased that you have chosen our region as a place where you can make another step in the development of your research career and take an active holiday in your free time. We hope that what we can offer to you will live up to your expectations.

This Guide gives an insight into the geography and culture of our region, as well as a few practical tips for foreigners on how to find their way in our region.

The Guide has been published by the Polish network of EURAXESS Services Centres for Mobile Researchers created to provide information and help to mobile researchers in administrative, legal, educational and cultural matters.

The EURAXESS Services Centre for Mobile Researchers in Poznań operates as part of the Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation, is situated within the area of the Poznań Science and Technology Park, and based on the Regional Contact Point for EU Research Programmes.


phone: +48 61 827 97 43 or 45

How to get to the EURAXESS Services Centre for Mobile Researchers by plain, by train and by car see the website of the Regional Contact Point for EU Research Programmes


The Centre covers two voivodships situated in the western part of Poland: Wielkopolska (with Poznań as its capital) and Lubuskie (with Gorzów Wielkopolski and Zielona Góra as its capitals). (In terms of administrative districts, Poland is divided into 16 provinces called “voivodships”.)

If you want to read more about the Wielkopolska region – visit the website of the Regional Contact Point for EU Research Programmes. You will find there general information about the region, major cities, tourist attractions, scenery and climate and annual events.

There are also addresses of tourist information in Poznań.

If you want to read more about the Lubuskie region – visit the website of the Regional Contact Point for EU Research Programmes.

You will find there general information about the region and addresses of tourist information in Zielona Góra and Gorzów.


See the visit the website of Regional Contact Point for EU Research Programmes



997 – Police
998 – Fire Brigade
999 – Ambulance Service
986 – Municipal Guard
112 – Emergency telephone number accessible from both mobile and fixed phones; after an interview about the nature of the emergency, the operator will connect you with the relevant emergency service.


Poznań offers you the following means of public transport: trams, urban buses and suburban buses. If you wish to go places situated near Poznań, you may take a suburban bus or a train.

Tram and urban bus
There are various types of tickets used in trams and urban buses in the city. The most popular ones are fixed-period tickets which you can buy at “Ruch” or “Kolporter” network news-stands and in the ticket machines at the stops. It is not possible to purchase a ticket directly from the driver. The type of ticket should be chosen depending on the duration of travel as given in the timetable at a stop. With one fixed-period ticket, you may change trams or buses. You may also stamp another ticket if your travel is longer than the original time limit.

The main types of tickets are: 10-minute (3 PLN in September 2014) and 40-minute (4.60 PLN in September 2014). Stamping four 10-minute tickets at the same time is not adequate as stamping one 40-minute ticket. However, you can first stamp only one such ticket and another one after 10 minutes.

There are also 24-hour tickets and 3-day travel cards recommended for tourists visiting the city and some other types used in Poznań which you can buy at MPK (Urban Transport Company) ticket outlets.

People working or studying in Poznań may use various types of travel cards for one or several months, depending on the distance for which they travel. Such travel cards may be purchased from MPK ticket outlets. They are available in the electronic version, the so-called PEKA (Poznan Agglomeration Electronic Card). You buy one PEKA and recharge it in designated recharging outlets; if you choose this option, please remember to keep the receipt as a proof of recharging.  

The MPK timetable is available at:

Suburban bus
Suburban routes are operated by various companies, including the Public Road Transport Company (Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowej Komunikacji Samochodowej, PPKS), each of them with its own rules for the purchase of tickets.

Public Transport Guide of the Urban Transport Authority in Poznań.

You are required to pay a charge for parking your car in the city centre between 8.00 and 18.00 from Monday to Friday inclusive and between 8:00 and 14:00 on Saturday. The parking charge per hour ranges from 2 to 3 PLN (in September 2014). There are three different parking zones depending on the distance from the city centre. These zones are marked with letters and colours: A – red (closest to the centre, and with the highest charges), B – yellow, and C – green. In order to pay for parking, you should insert coins into a parking metre which you can find in the street. The machine will not give you change. The ticket printed by the metre should be put behind the front car window.

The map of the parking zones of the Urban Transport Authority in Poznań

There are many TAXI service providers, including companies and individual drivers. Some of them are members of bigger corporations, thus offering better prices and getting quicker to their clients. We suggest that you should use such company taxis because their drivers charge the same price per kilometre. When ordering a taxi over the telephone, you automatically get a discount. It is thus much cheaper than catching a taxi in the street. It is not advisable to take a taxi directly at the airport or a railway station because taxi drivers there often demand higher prices than in case you call a taxi company.

Some taxi telephone numbers which you may call:
19191 (price for beginning the route: 5,99 PLN; price for every next km: 2 PLN)
19623 (price for the first km: 4,96 PLN; price for every next km: 1,80 PLN) – if calling the taxi by phone
(Prices are valid for September 2014)


Poznań: Municipal Office (Urząd Miasta)
Libelta 16/20; phone: 61 878 44 38
Opening hours: Monday 7.30-17.00, Tuesday-Friday 7.30-15.30

Visa extension, residence permit and residence card:
Poznań: Voivodship Office, Division for Foreigners (Urząd Wojewódzki, Oddział ds. Cudzoziemców)
Pl. Wolności 17; phone: 61 854 16 07
Opening hours: Monday 9.30-18.00, Tuesday-Friday 8.15-15.15

Work permit
Poznań: Voivodship Office, Division for Foreigners (Urząd Wojewódzki, Oddział ds. Cudzoziemców)
Pl. Wolności 17; phone: 61 854 16 54
Opening hours: Monday 9.30-18.00, Tuesday-Friday 8.15-15.15


Researchers holding a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are entitled to free primary medical services in healthcare institutions which have concluded a contract with the National Health Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia, NFZ). These institutions are marked with a plate with the following logo:

In the event of an emergency, you may use the ambulance service. Please remember, however, that should your call be unjustified, you will be charged for the services provided.

Once you have found a hotel or other accommodation for your stay in our region, please check where you have the closest out-patient clinic. It is advisable to go there and obtain all the necessary information before you may urgently need their services.

If you wish to see a general practitioner, you should first make an appointment (preferably by phone) and remember then to bring your identity card and medical insurance document. If you wish to see a specialist medical doctor (other than a gynaecologist or obstetrician, dentist, dermatologist, venereologist, oncologist, ophthalmologist or psychiatrist), you need a referral from your general practitioner.

Please remember that prescriptions given by a medical doctor are valid only for 30 days, and those for antibiotics for 7 days.

Selected hospitals and pharmacies:
- Emergency Ambulance Service (Pogotowie Ratunkowe)
Rycerska 10; phone: 999 for accidents or 61 866 00 66 for emergency sickness cases

- Voivodship Hospital (Szpital Wojewódzki)
Juraszów 7/9; phone: 61 821 23 64

24-hour Hospital Emergency Departments:
- Military Hospital with an Out-Patient Clinic (Szpital Wojskowy z Przychodnią)
Grunwaldzka 16/18; phone: 61 866 18 19, 857 46 11, 857 43 33
- HCP Medical Centre (HCP Centrum Medyczne)
28 Czerwca 1956 r. no. 194; phone: 61 831 27 10
- Healthcare Centre for Mother and Child (SZOZ nad Matką i Dzieckiem)
Krysiewicza 7/8; phone: 61 852 95 30

24-hour pharmacies:
- Pharmacy “Galenica” (Apteka Galenica), Strzelecka 2/6; phone: 61 852 99 22
- Pharmacy “Panaceum” (Apteka Pananceum), Przyjaźni 141; phone: 61 820 16 42
- Pharmacy “Magic” (Apteka Magiczna), Ratajczaka 22/24; phone: 61 853 67 81

Moreover, virtually every bigger shopping centre has pharmacy which is also open on Saturdays and Sundays in the business hours of a given centre.

Detailed information, including addresses of hospitals and 24-hour pharmacies, may be found at:

A list of hospitals and pharmacies “on duty” is also published in local daily newspapers.


When choosing a bank, you should first of all check its charges and commissions for operating a newly opened account and ease of access to cash machines in all parts of the city.

Banks are open from Monday till Friday, few of them also work on Saturday, and all are closed on Sundays and public holidays. However, you will find many 24-hour cash machines. Large banks have their own cash machines, and there are also independent cash machine networks (Euronet, Cash4YOU). If you have a card of a given bank, you may use its cash machines free of charge, whereas other card holders pay a commission. Some banks do not charge their clients for using Euronet cash machines or make only nominal charges. More detailed information can be obtained from your bank.

Charge cards are very popular; you may use this non-cash payment method in most bigger and medium-size shops as well as restaurants (where you can see card logos on the entrance door).

In some bigger supermarkets or chain shops, designated cash desks accept payments in euro at the exchange rate given there. Currency may be exchanged in banks and exchange desks (the latter usually offering a better exchange rate). You may not pay with traveller’s cheques in Poland. However, cheques may be cashed in some bigger banks. Website addresses of major banks together with a list of cash machines in a given city are available in the section for foreign researchers of the Regional Portal.


Central Post Office (Poczta Główna), Kościuszki 77; phone: 61 869 73 07
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 7:00-20:00, Saturday 8:00-15:00

24-hour Post Office (Poczta Całodobowa) at the West Railway Station (Dworzec Zachodni), Głogowska 17; phone: 61 869 70 59


Internet cafes charge a fee for using the Internet. In most cases, you should pay for at least one hour of access.

Selected Internet cafes in the most convenient locations in Poznań:
- Adax Internet Cafe, Półwiejska 28
- Internet Space Cafe, Roosevelta 10
- Klik. Club Internet Café, Szkolna 15
- Tunel Cafe, Dworcowa 1 (in the underground tunnel of the station)

Hot spots:
- poznan-internet-free: Old Marketplace, plac Wolności, plac Kolegiacki
- Stary Browar (Shopping Centre Stary Browar): Półwiejska 32
- AE-Hot-Spot (Poznań University of Economics): Powstańców Wielkopolskich 16
- Kingcrossmarcelin (Shopping Centre Kingcross): Bukowska 156
- FreeWifiCafeclub (part of the Shopping Centre Pestka, nearby Cafe Club): Al. Solidarności 47
- Hot spot_3Space (part of the Shopping Centre Pestka): Al. Solidarności 47
- KFC (KFC restaurants)
- (Gazeta Cafe): 27 Grudnia 3
- AWF-AP (University School of Physical Education): Królowej Jadwigi 27/39
- Hot Spot Malta (Shopping Centre Malta): Arcybiskupa Antoniego Baraniaka 8
- McD-Hotspot (McDonald’s restaurants)
- Lektorat (Higher School of Humanities and Journalism): Kutrzeby 10

Other hot spots in Poznań.


Dry-cleaners are the most common type of cleaning services in Poland. Some of them also offer ironing services. There are few self-service laundries, and they are not so popular as in other European countries.

Addresses of selected dry-cleaners in the most convenient locations in Poznań:
- Półwiejska 42 lok. 110
- Drużbickiego 2 (at the Shopping Centre Plaza)
- Dąbrowskiego 24

Self-Service Laundry (Pralnia samoobsługowa):
- Mostowa 3a
- Przyjaźni 125c
- Zwycięstwa 110
- św. Wojciech 10


Poznań has a number of hypermarkets of large international chains, including Auchan, Carrefour, Tesco, Lidl, Albert and Geant. Some of them operate their own free bus services; buses leave from stops situated in the city centre. Hypermarkets are open till late evening on week days, as well as on Saturday and Sunday. They accept charge cards. Some shops have Euronet network cash machines where you can get money. Cheques are not accepted. Prices of products offered in hypermarkets are generally lower than those in local chain supermarkets and small shops in the city. Local chains of smaller supermarkets include, for example, Biedronka, Żabka, ABC, Lewiatan, and the Poznań chain of Piotr i Paweł. Supermarkets are open in roughly the same hours as hypermarkets, some of them even for 24 hours. The places increasingly frequented in Poznań are shopping centres which house both small exclusive boutiques and a supermarket. They are open on all days of the week.

Selected centres (in alphabetical order):
Shopping Centre “ETC”: Swarzędz, ul. Poznańska 6
“Galeria Pestka”: Al. Solidarności 47
“Kingcross”: ul. Bukowska 156
“Kupiec Poznański”: Pl. Wiosny Ludów 2
“Galeria Malta”: ul. Arcybiskupa Antoniego Baraniaka 8
“M1”: Franowo: ul. Szwajcarska 14
“Panorama”: ul. Górecka 30
“Poznań City Centre”: ul. Stanisława Matyi 2 (next to the railway station)
“Poznań Plaza”: ul. Drużbickiego 2
“Stary Browar”: ul. Półwiejska 32


Selected language schools in Poznań (in alphabetical order):
- Akcent: os. Bolesława Chrobrego 3c; phone: 61 822 57 61
- Berlitz: pl. Wiosny Ludów 2; phone: 61 850 95 95
- Idea Language Centre (Centrum Językowe Idea): St. Rynek 71/72; phone: 61 855 24 24
- EMPIK: ul. 27 Grudnia 17/19; phone:
61 851 00 62
- Polish Language School for Foreigners (Studium Języka Polskiego dla Cudzoziemców)
- Polish Classic Filology Department of the Adam Mickiewicz University (
Wydział Filologii Polskiej Klasycznej UAM): ul. Fredry 10; phone 61 853 74 64 or 61 829 36 300


Interesting websites about the Wielkopolska and Lubuskie Regions:

Last update:September 2014

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